Mister Cooler Rentals is the only rental company that provides a truly portable outdoor cooling and sterilization service.  Mister Cooler Rentals unitizes proprietary, patented technology to achieve a cool oasis anywhere leaving zero ecological footprint.   Our proprietary sterile mist uses a ionized water process to create a safe and proven  alternative to toxic chemicals.  We offer a variety of rental packages to facilitate large and small events. With the scorching Texas heat, our portable cooling system will cool your applied area  down by up to 30 degrees all while creating a safe bacteria and virus free area. 

As business start to open across Texas, Mister Cooler is here to accommodate local businesses by creating a safe environment for their valued customers and employees.

Cooling and Sterilization    Stations

Golf Tournaments

Shopping Cart Sterilization

       Sports Events

Marathon Races

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