Mister Cooler Rentals is a family owned business that utilizes our very own patented system to create a luxurious, cool and sterile environment anywhere. Mister Cooler Rentals utilizes our proven system with our 100% Eco friendly sterile mist to kill viruses  and bacteria on contact.  Forget the hazard and liability of toxic chemicals.  Mister Cooler Rentals is prepared for both a quick a disinfection job or all day stand alone  system. Our trained personnel ensures the systems are charged and systems are filled with our sterile mist water everyday.


  With a built in smart battery, Mister Cooler is 100% portable.  No need for electrical or additional water source. Mister Cooler operates all day for hours of worry free comfort and piece of mind during this pandemic.  Convenient dual 2.1 amp fast charging USB's allows for phone and portable device charging if needed. 

  Pre Corona virus pandemic Mister Cooler Rentals was established to enable golf tournament and event organizers to increase sponsorship participation and revenue during the hot months in Texas. We had to figure out a way to help authorities and business's get our great state back on their feet by keeping people cool and safe as we get through this pandemic together.



"The only truly Eco friendly virus  and bacteria killing system!"


What an ingenious way to make people comfortable in 110 degree weather.



“Absolutley professional operation.  Benny and his team delivered on everything that was promised.  Their system was a popular gathering spot at every location.”


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