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"Easily lasted all day, can be used to sterilize hands instantly". -Brian Jones

Austin, Tx

“a great way to sterilize shopping carts"

-John Bridges


"A great tool to increase sponsorship participation" 

John Riley, tournament director

Best of the Bay Fishing Tournament

"A practical necessity for summer family activities". 


Conroe Texas

Mister Cooler-The innovative portable outdoor cooling and sterilization system.  Mister Cooler's anti-virus and bacteria system uses a chemical free and non-irritating formula that provides a safe environment, is a key component during the Covid-9 concerns.  Our Sterilization System is designed to serve 3  key purposes.

1.  Provide local businesses with a solution to get back to normal operation while keeping their employees and customers safe.  Piece of mind to employees and patrons that if they see a mister cooler working it is creating a safe virus and bacteria free environment.

2.  Using our atomized mist to eliminate airborne virus and dust in real time. By doing this we bring potential transferable virus to the ground where it is killed and out of the breathable air.

3. Utilizing our dynamic, patented, system we are able to provide a cool environment anywhere to keep people cool and safe in the Texas heat.


Proudly made in      

San Antonio, Texas.

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